PHP Send Page To Friend

With our FREE PHP script, you can enable your website visitors to forward the URL of the webpage they are currently viewing to an email of a friend. Use the PHP Send Page To Friend code to populate your website. Make it easy for your users to share your content with others.

PHP Send Page To Friend

Add a 'Send to a Friend', 'Email a Friend' or 'Send URL' button to your web pages. The button will pop up a dialog box with an empty email field. Your website visitors will be able to forward to a friend the link to the page they are currently on. The script will send an email with the page URL to the specified address.

You can change the text into the dialog box or change the button labels. See below for more information.

Our free PHP Send Page To Friend script has built-in email validation, an 'error' and a 'thank you' message, which you can change if needed.